Beauty Tips for Skin in Winter

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Winter weather means that skin requires special care. Care for your winter skin with the help of a skin care specialist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Christine, I'm a beauty expert. And today, we are going to go over beauty tips for skin in winter. Everybody gets dry skin in winter and it's flaky. So what we are going to have to o is we are going to scrub it and then we are going to moisturize it. So our first step is scrubbing. I just have to get her skin a little bit wet first. And if you get it just kind of damp that will give you the most benefit when you are scrubbing. It will take off the most dead skin. If it's really, really wet then it won't take off as much. So, we just did a light layer of water here. And then we are going to take our scrub. I'm using a really fine scrub so that it's not too abrasive. And we are just going to go in circular motions here so that we can evenly take off any dead skin. And you don't want to go around the eye area, but you can go around it. Definitely big areas are on the sides of the nose, and down here, as well as by the eyebrows. Those tend to get dry. So then, we are just going to remove the scrub and get it ready for the moisturizer. And when you are picking a moisturizer for winter a little bit heavier is fine since your skin really needs that hydration. So I'm going to use a night cream with vitamin E. And the vitamin E also helps to prevent aging. So this is something that you would probably do at night since it is a night cream. And if you wanted to do a moisturizer for the day you could still pick one that has vitamin E but just not as thick. Also sun protection is best. Alright. So I'm going to take that night cream and since we are going to bed it doesn't matter if you know we load it on there. And this way your skin overnight will replenish itself and heal. So you just apply it gently on the skin. Make sure you get all the areas. Smooth it on. Definitely want to make sure your hands are clean if you are going to be applying with your hands. And there you go. This will help keep your skin really, really winter ready. Hydrated, clean, smooth, scrubbed. So those are the two steps, scrub it and then hydrate it either with a night cream or a day cream. Preferably with sun protection during the day. And if you can find a cream with a vitamin E or a vitamin C that will help with anti-aging. Thank you for watching I'm Christine Wheaton.


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