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When eating high protein foods it is important to choose foods with easily absorbed protein. Increase your protein intake with the help of this free video by a licensed dietitian.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlotte Lawson a registered and licensed dietitian. And I have a good amount of foods that are high in protein if you are looking for a high protein diet. Now keep in mind protein sometimes can be better absorbed from some products than others. And really those meat or animal products excuse me, are the really most bio available for our body. Meaning our body can utilize almost all the proteins that we ingest from animal products. Now when choosing animal products it's very important to still choose low fat. So try lean cuts of beef or chicken as well as low fat or no-fat dairy. And sometimes those cheeses may have a more concentrated amount of protein that are fluid milk. For instance, a half of a cup of low fat or no fat cottage cheese provides us almost 13 grams of protein. It's a very small amount for a high amount of protein. Now say for instance you are on a vegan or vegetarian diet. Well fortunately our whole grains as well as some vegetable products like our beans and legumes do provide a good amount of protein as well. We just need to be sure that at this point we are kind of combining the two as they don't have all the essential amino acids our body needs. So the combination of proteins will get you where you need to be. Also keep in mind soy. Excellent source of protein and there are a ton of great soy products out there. So get creative and maybe try experimenting with some of those alternative proteins. Nuts also provide us a decent amount of protein but keep in mind they still are a fat source. And so often eating in excess can provide too many calories so if you are on a weight loss program or trying to watch our weight, nuts might not be a great source of protein because as I said they really are a fat source as well. So look into animal products, try a vegetable and actually whole grain products. Quinoa actually is a full source of a complete protein as well as looking into alternatives. Like I said the soy or occasionally your nuts and legumes. I'm Charlotte and eat happy.


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