How to Clear Your Skin Fast

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Clearing your skin fast means toning down the effects of breakouts. Learn how to fight breakouts fast with the help of a skin care specialist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Courtney Gomez. I've been a Skincare Specialist and Makeup Artist for upwards of five years. And in this video, we'll be talking about how to clear up skin fast. For this, you're going to need your everyday moisturizer and your everyday cleanser. You're also going to need an exfoliant, a spot treatment; I have two percent salicylic acid here and a mask, if you use an acne system, the mask that comes with it. I have here a white clay mask which I find works really well on my skin. So, let's say prom is coming up or school pictures are coming up, and you have a zit here or here, or a couple of them, and you need to get rid of them quick. This is the best thing you can do. You're going to want to do your everyday routine. So, you're going to want to cleanse, you're going to want to moisturize. But, you're probably going to want to up the exfoliation just a little bit. Don't exfoliate everyday, you're not sandpapering your skin, so you have totally new skin. But, especially around the affected area, the more blood you can get there, more blood circulation, the better. The more dead skin cells you can get off and get those new skin cells up that are healthier, that's going to help too and the more dirt you can clean away is going to help. So, what I have here is actually just a homemade exfoliant and what it has actually is coffee grounds that I use to make myself coffee in the morning and a little bit of water added. So, that's what you're going to use for your exfoliant. So, you don't, like I said, want to sandpaper your skin off. But, you do want to get a nice exfoliation. So, you're just not going to do the affected area, but actually your whole face. So, I'm just doing small light circular motions across the affected area, but also on the entire skin. It's going to get blood flow, healing, white blood cells the surface of the skin that's going to help clear you up quickly. So, as I was saying, let's say you have seven days before this event. You're going to want to exfoliate at least two times, maybe three times if you know you tend to be a little bit more sensitive in your skin, just keep it to two times. So, after you have exfoliated, you're going to want to go onto your night treatment. So, what I have here is a white clay mask and as I was explaining earlier, whatever mask comes in your acne system if that's what you have, feel free to use that. If you know you have something that works nicely for you, then use that. If you tend to have more sensitive skin, you might want to try this first on another area of your body aside from your face; maybe your decollete or your neck because if you are more sensitive, this can be a little bit drying. But generally, this will work just fine. So, what I'm going to suggest you do is apply your mask thickly over the affected area. So, not across the whole face, but thickly on where your breakout is. And you're actually going to leave it on all night. So, after you've cleansed, you really shouldn't see much of anything. You might have a little bit of a bump still, but, you should be almost in the clear. If you do have anything remaining, you're going to want to add a spot treatment. I here have a two percent salicylic acid which is a chemical exfoliant and it's a really good way to clean out a pore and a, and treat acne. So, I'm just going to apply that to the affected area and then, because you did keep a mask on your face all night and you are going to be using a drying spot treatment, you definitely want to apply a moisturizer. This helps lessen the amount of oil that your skin produces which can clog pores by kind of fooling it into thinking it has already done it and you're going to apply a moisturizer that doesn't clog the pores and basically substituting your own bodily function with synthetic ingredient that doesn't clog the pores like the oil that your skin produces does. And so again, follow with your daily routine, but you're just going to add a little bit more to it and that should speed up the healing process and clear up your skin very quickly. Thank you for watching. Again, my name is Courtney Gomez, and in this video we discussed how to clear up skin fast.


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