Treating & Preventing Ingrown Hair

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Ingrown hair can be treated and prevented using simple exfoliation techniques. Prevent ingrown hair with the help of a skin care specialist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Courtney Gomez. I've been a makeup artist and skin care specialist for upwards of five years. And, in this video, we'll be discussing the treatment and prevention of ingrown hairs. For this, you're going to need a shaving gel or cream that you have grown accustomed to and enjoy using, Vitamin E oil, an exfoliant, and oil. I have sweet almond oil here, but you can use any type of oil that is made to put on the face. Treating and preventing ingrown hairs is a twofold process. There's the treatment of ingrown hairs after you have developed one or two or three, or however many you have, and then there's preventing future ingrown hairs. So, ingrown hairs happen often after you shave, if you're a man and you're shaving your face, or a woman shaving her bikini line, under the arms, wherever it is that you happen to shave often. It can make the skin very sensitive, and the tugging and pulling of the hair can cause infection and ingrown hairs as the hair grows out again. So, to treat ingrown hairs once it has already happened, is a little bit more difficult than prevention. But, a light exfoliant works best. What I prefer is actually ground up coffee beans. So, these are ground up coffee beans that I've actually already made coffee with, so they have a slight moisture to them, some water. The reason for the coffee beans and ingrown hairs is that coffee is full of caffeine, and caffeine gets the blood flowing. Blood carries our white blood cells, and that heals the skin. So, those little tiny ingrown hairs, they could become a little bit infected, and when you are treating them, you're going to want to treat them like that, like a small infection. So, you can use coffee beans as an exfoliant with a little bit of water, these already have some in it. And, everyday, you can exfoliate with them. Apply this to the affected area around, or the whole area that you are going to regularly be shaving. Now, for prevention of ingrown hairs, it's a little bit trickier. You're going to want to use a shaving gel or cream that you are used to, that you have found works well for you, a nice sharp razor, an exfoliant for before. I have one specifically here designed to actually for the face, but it works well for the legs, it works well for the armpits. It actually heats up the skin. If you don't have a self-heating exfoliant, you can use hot water. So, if you're in the shower, you can sit there for a while and let it open up your pores, or you can actually saturate a washcloth in hot water and sit it over the area you're going to shave. But, the secret to the best lubrication for the razor to cross is actually with an oil. So, you apply the oil underneath the shaving cream, and this just adds for extra lubrication. So, here I have sweet almond oil. I like sweet almond oil because of the way it smells. But, if you have another oil that you prefer, that you've gotten at your drugstore, or that you have gotten from your, you know, makeup counter, you can use that. So, that is before you've shaved, after you've exfoliated, and before the shaving cream. I here have a shaving gel, so I'm going to dispense some in my hand, and apply over that area. Mine turns into a nice thick cream. And, from there, you would shave. Thank you for watching. Again, my name is Courtney Gomez, and in this video, we discussed the prevention and treatment of ingrown hairs.


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