Yoga for Knee Arthritis

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Although knee arthritis makes it difficult to move painlessly, Yoga can help relieve some of the Arthritic symptoms. Return power to your knees again with help from a certified Yoga instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amy Newman. Fitness expert for Gold's Gym, creator of the Perfect Ten workout, and I'm going to show you some movements in yoga for arthritis knee problems. Everything you want to do is nice and slow. First let's just start off in just bending our knee with our foot on the inside of our thigh. Open it up, just bending it this way might be a lot for some people. And then stretching it out, and bringing the other foot in and bending the knee, opening it up. Then eventually, as that feels comfortable enough, trying to open up both knees out to the sides. You can bring your feet together, sitting up tall, start by little butterfly movements. Getting nice and warmed up. Breathe into your knees. Breathe. And then eventually press them down, sitting up nice and tall. From here, you can stretch your legs out, flex your feet, bring your arms around, reach out with your knees nice and locked in. Press through the heels and slowly stretch down. Breathe deep. From here, bend one knee and then the other foot, you're going to grab with both hands on either side. You're going to stretch your leg up, pressing through the heel and gently lock in that knee. Relax the back of the ankle, try to relax the back of the knee, let that blood flow. Breathe deep. Shoulders are down, neck is long, stretch your back straight, bend the knee, bring it down, and then we're going to switch sides. Breathe. Neck is long. Relax the back of the knee as best you can and also relax the back of the ankle. Breathe. Opening up all the chakras, breathing into your body. And then lower down. Little by little, you can start to bend your knee to the other side, have both knees bent, coming all the way around your body, sit as tall as you can, relax, and switch sides. Breathe. And bring your legs in a cross legged position. Try to bring your knees down. Sit up nice and tall. Relax. Switch legs. Breathe deep. Try to relax. The more you relax, the more you open up and release tension. And allow blood flow. I'm Amy Newman, fitness instructor for Gold's Gym and that's yoga for knee arthritis.


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