Yoga for Arthritis in the Hip

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If arthritis in your hips are causing pain and loss of movement, Yoga can help get it back. Keep your hips strong with help from a certified Yoga instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, fitness expert for Gold's Gym and creator of The Perfect 10 Workout. I'm going to show you some yoga for arthritis in the hip. First of all, we are going to sit. We are going to cross our leg. We are going to reach with the outside of our foot with the opposite hand. You are going to stretch it and open up your arm to the side. Shoulders are down, neck is long. Pull your spine up and try to relax breathing into your hip. You'll feel a light burning sensation just breathe into it. Relax into it and it will go away. Breathe. You can bend your knee if it's too much to keep it straight opening your arm even a little wider. Reach for your foot press through the heel. You can bend the bottom leg if you want or have it like stretched out straight. Whichever is more comfortable for you. You could have it tucked in. Anyway you want. Then bring your leg out to the side opening up your hip gently. Arm out to the opposite side. Balance both sides of your buttocks on the mat. Then bend the foot letting your knee come out to the side. And gently press your knee down sitting up tall. Then you can reach out forward extension towards your front leg, straight leg. Breathe deep. And then we are going to switch legs. Bring the other leg out. Cross the other foot. Reach for the outside of your foot with the other hand. Cross that leg in front of your torso opening your arm to the other side. Shoulders are down, neck is long, breathe deep. Go nice and easy. Make sure your buttocks are not lifted up off the mat. Your shoulders are down. Then reach for your leg with both hands. If you can't reach your foot, reach for your leg. Stretch through the heel, breathe get your leg nice and aligned. It can be bent if it's too much to have it stretched straight. Little by little as you practice yoga you can get your flexibility. And it takes a long time so take your time. Patience is part of yoga. Then open up your hip with your same arm as that side. Other arm goes out to the other side to keep you balanced. Breathe. Both sides of your buttocks are down. Bend the knee. Bring your foot into the inner side of your thigh. Reach out forward extension to the other leg. Breathe. Roll up. You can even cross your legs. This maybe a little bit painful on the hips. If you want to you can sit on a pillow and try to relax your legs open and sit as relaxed as you can in easy pose. Breathing deep into your body. And then after a little while you want to switch legs. And the same thing. And take your time. Breathe deep, try to relax as best you can. The more you relax the more you will open up. I'm Amy Newman, thanks for joining me as I show you yoga for arthritis in the hips.


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