How to Add Arch Support to Shoes

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Adding arch support is something that can be done to both new and old shoes. Add arch support to your own shoes with help from a shoe repair expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Tony Jones, and I work here at Jensen shoes, and today we're going to go over putting arch supports inside shoes. Basically, there are several sizes of arch supports that we have. I'm thinking my brain, and I don't remember seeing any arch supports in stores. We have to order them from a place out in north, and we get a bunch of them, so basically we do it all day. We look in the middle right here, the center of the arch. Which, for me, is easy to see. Most people won't be able to see it. I see it all the time. I see it all day. I know exactly where the center is. I line it up right here; put it on exactly like that. What I would do is just probably draw a line right here. Put glue on right here, right here, rubber cement on both sides, and I wait till it dries and stick it together. I do that with the insert. When the insert does not come out, and I'll find my size arch support, I will put it in the shoe. Just a little different. You'll have to find a spot like when you take a step right here, this is where you want the very end. So, like here in the inside. Very end is going to be right here in the very bottom of the shoe, because that's where you're going to start with the point. And I just line the point up, the arch up and I'll stick it right there. And if you can see that or not, but I'll be sticking it right there, and the difference between putting in on with the insert is that when I put glue on this arch, I will be sticking it in here wet, so I won't wet it until it dries. When this dries, as soon as you stick it together, it's going to stick, but when you put it in there wet, you can move it around. Kind of like, you stick rubber cement right there. Just gob it on there, because I want it on both of them. I stick it in there wet. Find a spot, because I can move it around because it's not sticking yet, because it's not dry. Move it around, and I can stick it and hold it there, and it will dry up as you hold it. You only have to hold it for a few minutes and it will stick right in the spot. Basic way how we do arch supports in shoes.


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