How Do I Detox With Ginger?

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Ginger detox routines use ginger to purge toxins from the body. Create a ginger detox drink with the help of this free video presented by a professional caterer.

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Hello, this is Coreen from Shakes Bakes, and right now we are going to come up with a detox concoction based with ginger. So basically, this is how to detox with ginger. Our first ingredient is filtered water. We have two, three generous thumb sizes of ginger and they've been bruised, three sticks of garlic, three limes cut into pieces and two thirds of a cup of creamed honey. Again, it's creamed honey. It's whipped, so it's oxygenated which makes it a lot better than regular honey; a jug to put everything in and we have our pot. So, the first thing we're going to do is we're going to put our water, ginger and cinnamon, oh, and our lime into our pot. And our pot is already warm, we're going to add water. And this is our lime which is the last ingredient we're going to put in here right now. I'm going to give it a little bit of a stir. And I'm just going to close it up and I wanted that come to a boil and I'm going to let it boil up. After it reaches its boiling point, I'm going to let it continue to still boil for about thirty minutes. So, let's get this going. Well, our detox concoction has been boiling for thirty minutes. Let's take a look. Okay. It looks good; smells tremendously better. So, I'm just going to add two thirds of a cup of creamed honey. Grab this. I lubed up my measuring tool and I'm going to go and measure off two thirds of a cup right here; it's pretty thick stuff as you can see. But, it'll eventually come out and the steam is helping actually. Come on. Almost there. And here we go. That looks about right. Boy, this is some dangerous things stuff to work with. And let's get it in. Wow. So, I'm just stirring this around to make sure that creamed honey has really melted into the concoction. At this point I'm going to cover it up. I already killed the heat and let this sit there for another thirty minutes. After which, I am going to put it into my container as is. So, our detox potion has been resting for thirty minutes. As you can see she's still pretty hot; but, she's fine temperature-wise to transfer into our jug. So, this is how to detox with ginger.


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