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Boxing training workouts do more than just teach boxing forms. Exercise your entire body using a boxing training workout by a certified trainer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

My name is Marshall Kauffman, owner and trainer of King's Gym, and we're going to briefly talk about training workouts. One of the things that I like for the young boxers to do when they come into the gym is to start out with jumping rope. Jumping rope is something very good. It helps loosen them up. It helps to get their blood flow going and it warms them up. I normally put them on the jump rope for at least 15 minutes. After jumping rope, they would shadowbox. They would normally do about six rounds of shadowboxing, working on different combinations, working on moving their head. They would go from there, they would go over to the heavy bag. They would go on the heavy bag for about six rounds, four to six rounds, get some hard work and then on the heavy bag they would change it up and maybe just work their left hand, sometimes just work their right hand. That would be one of the things they would do. Then I would bring them into the ring and we would do mitt work. After the mitt work I would work on certain combinations that they would prepare for for a certain fight that they might be fighting based on the style of the opponent that they are fighting. One of the other things that they would do is then they would glove up and they would prepare for sparring. Sparring is probably the most important aspect of getting ready for a fight in your training for a fight. Sparring is what allows you to see exactly where you're at, whether you're getting hit when you are putting your jab out there, whether you are slipping the right hand, what mistakes you're making and so sparring also gets to see, when you spar you get to also see where your conditioning level is and after they would be done with the sparring then they would finish off with the speed bag. Once again doing speed bag for helping to keep their shoulders up and more for conditioning. My name is Marshall Kauffman. I'm the owner and trainer of King's Gym, and we just went over boxing workouts.


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