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To create the classic look of the Japanese geisha you must start with a white or very light foundation and then apply red eyeliner, blush and heart-shaped lip color. Turn Japanese with the aid of this free video on specialty makeup tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Christine Wheaton. I'm a Makeup Artist and I'm going to show you how to apply Japanese makeup. Say, we're going to do a Geisha inspired look and I've already done her foundation. I went lighter than her natural shade; but, you can go really white if you wanted to. And now, we're going to start with her eyes. I'm going to do white eye shadow on her lid and I'm going to bring it up to her eyebrow. And then, we're going to do a little bit of dark in the corners and it's just going to be kind of subtle on top and we're going to do most of the color on the bottom later. So, keeping the top pretty natural. We're going to do a nice liquid line and I'm going to bring this line out pretty far and I'm going to keep it straight. So, I'm bringing it almost all the way out to where like the end of your eyebrow would end. And then once you have the line, you can start working on the bottom. Have this red eyeliner pencil and I'm going to use it on the bottom here. If you're going to use lip liner to do this, I would just be careful because sometimes lip liner or lip products can irritate the eye. So, it's better if you find an actual eyeliner. And then, I'm going to take that smudgy pencil brush and just smudge it under there. I'm also going to draw a bottom line, almost like a Robin's tail; it's going to come out here. Now, we're going to go into some blush. With the Geisha look, the blush is going to be more concentrated right in the corners here, almost underneath the eye. So, we're going to put it right here. I'm going to apply it with this brown fluffy brush in little circular motions. It's kind of going from where that Robin's tail is and down. Now for the lips, we have to take out the lip colors. So, we're going to put something sealer on the lips. And you can apply it with a brush or with your finger and you just want to remove all the lip color that she has naturally. Then, we're going to put some powder on top of that. Okay. So now, we're going to go in with our lip pencil and draw that Geisha lip shape. So, it's a line down here. "Smile a little bit". It's a little easier if they smile 'cause the skin will be tight. And on the top, you're just going to draw, right where the bow is, kind of like a little heart shape. So once you have your base with your pencil, you can go in with your regular lipstick. Alright. There she is. This is our Geisha look, Japanese style makeup. Thank you so much for tuning in. I hope you like it. Try it out. It's lots of fun. I'm Christine Wheaton.


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