How to Do Goth Makeup With a Grease Pencil

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You can do an elaborate goth makeup job with just a simple black grease pencil and a relatively light foundation color. Go goth with the instructions in this free video on specialty makeup tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Christine Wheaton. I'm a makeup artist. I'm going to show you how to do goth makeup with a grease pencil. A grease pencil is basically just an oil based pencil. They come in skinny or really fat. I'm going to use a skinny one. And I've already done a little bit of her foundation. I did it lighter than normal. You could go really light if you wanted. We're just going to start drawing on top of the eye with the pencil. It goes on pretty smooth. And you can just kind of slap it on there. And then we'll blend it. And a grease pencil definitely does move around just so you know it's going to kind of smudge and smear. It just adds to the goth look. So now, I'm going to take this brush here and I'm going to kind of smear it around. You can just blend it all over. It doesn't need to be perfect since the look doesn't call for it. And you can definitely do this dark as big or as little as you wanted. You could just do a line close to the lashes and then smudge it, or you could go all the way up if you wanted to. We're going to kind of split the difference here. Then we're going to do it on the bottom as well. You can just draw it on and then you smudge it. I like to bring it down a good amount. And since this pencil is so creamy, it will move fairly easy. And then I'm also going to use the pencil for her lips to complete the goth look. Nice black lip there. You can draw it on, fill it in a little bit and then blend it. Makes it a little easier if they smile because then the skin is tight. So with just this grease pencil, you can create a whole goth look. Just the one item and the one brush, but you don't even need the brush, you could use Q-tips or your fingers. And there it is. There's Gothic makeup with a grease pencil. I hope you like it, thanks for watching. I'm Christine Wheaton.


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