Yoga Exercises for Kayakers

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A variety of yoga exercises can help increase strength and stamina for the sport of kayaking. See yoga exercises for kayakers with help from a yoga expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there, I'm Jennifer Parker, owner and director of Fluidity Dance and Yoga, and today I'm here to teach you some yoga exercises for kayakers. Now, if you're a kayaker, you'll want to have good balance and you'll also need some arm strength so hopefully these poses will help you improve both of those things. Here's a great combination for kayakers or anyone that wants to improve their arm and core strength and flexibility. We'll start off here in Hero's Pose. We'll bring our hands into Prayer Position, and as we inhale, we'll bring our arms out in front of us and as we exhale we'll come back feeling the space. We'll inhale slicing the air, growing nice and tall, nice tall spine. We'll bring the arms down and as we exhale we'll sweep the hands along the ground pushing the hips back for Child's Pose, keeping the neck nice and long. We'll inhale up on to hands and knees and as we exhale we'll lift the head and the left leg for Sunbird Pose. We'll hold here, and if you're feeling up for it, you can lift the right arm too, feeling a nice stretch between the right hand and the left foot, feeling that core. Now, we'll inhale, dropping the right hand down, dropping the left foot down on to the mat and as we exhale, we'll bring the left arm up shifting the gaze towards the sky. This is our Gait Pose. We'll inhale, sliding the right foot under the left foot as we exhale into our Side Plank and now we can go for an extended Side Plank by taking our left foot stepping back and then pushing our hips up so we really sit on top of that shoulder. Now to come out of this we'll, push off that left foot as we inhale all the up and over into our Plank Pose, trying to keep the back and the torso nice and straight. We'll inhale dropping our knees down, exhale pushing our hips back on to our heels and we'll inhale rolling back up into our Hero's Pose as we exhale and bring the hands into the center. We'll take one link as we did before, inhaling up, slicing the air and exhaling and gaging our space. And now we'll go for the other side as we inhale out, dropping the arms down and as we exhale sliding the hands out for Child's Pose. We'll inhale up on to hands and knees and as we exhale we'll lift the right leg and the left arm. Holding here, engaging the core, trying to keep the back nice and flat. We'll inhale dropping the right foot down onto the mat now and as we exhale, we'll reach with the right arm up for our Gait Pose. Now, staying up on top of that left arm, we'll slide the left foot under the right foot, keeping the legs nice and strong and straight as we exhale into Side Plank. We'll inhale stepping back with the right foot, pushing the hips up as we exhale into our extended Side Plank and inhale pushing off the right foot all the way back up and over into our Plank Position. We'll inhale dropping our knees down. We'll push the hips back on to the heels as we exhale. We'll inhale feeling a tug from the waist as we roll through the spine to exhale back into our Prayer Position on our Hero's Pose. Now that you know some basic positions to help improve arm flexibility and strength and balance I wish you happy kayaking. I'm Jennifer Parker with Fluidity Dance and Yoga. Namaste.


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