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Bikram yoga is a technique that can help increase your body's natural hair growth. Educate yourself about Bikram yoga for hair growth with help from a yoga expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, there, I'm Jennifer Parker, Owner and Director of Fluidity Dance and Yoga. And today, I'm here to teach you some Bikram Yoga poses to increase hair growth. Now, Bikram Yoga is a style of Hot Yoga that has thirty poses associated with it that are done in a prescribe order. However, if you want to pick and choose amongst those poses in order to help things like hair growth, I would recommend the following poses. Now generally, any pose where you turn the head upside down or stretch the neck is a great pose to do to improve hair growth because it improves circulation in the scalp and it also helps improve circulation throughout the head and the neck as we continue to stretch those muscles and release any tension in the upper back. So, here's a few basic poses that I'll be walking you through today. To begin your Bikram Yoga pose sequence for hair loss, I recommend starting from the neutral position. From there, inhale bringing your hands high above your head, clasping your fingers pointing towards the sky. As you exhale, go for a Half Moon Pose to the right, pushing your left hip out as you hold your stomach in. Inhale, standing up nice and tall, keeping that spine long, the shoulders down; as we exhale to push the right hip out, reaching with the left arm to the side. Now, we'll do our Half Moon Pose to the back as we inhale up and as we exhale up and as we exhale, we'll reach up first and then reach all the way back, arching our lower back. We'll inhale up, holding our guts in; as we exhale to dive down for a forward fold. From here, we'll inhale looking up, as we bring our hands forward, we'll drop down to the right knee and then the left knee and we'll sit up in our Hero's Pose. We'll inhale bringing the hands high above the head, as we go up onto the knees and as we exhale, we'll dive down towards the mat, pushing the hips back slightly, bringing the head forward as we go for our Half Tortoise Pose. Next, we'll inhale coming all the way up again; this time we'll release our hands at our side as they circle around, gripping the heels as we take the top of the head towards the mat looking at the knees for a Rabbit Pose. Now, we'll inhale up, bringing the hands up once again and as we exhale, we circle the hands around, bringing them back to prayer position as we sit in our Hero's Pose. Now that you know a few of the Bikram poses, I encourage you to go out there and learn the entire sequence in order to enrich your Yoga practice. I'm Jennifer Parker with Fluidity Dance and Yoga. Namaste.


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