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Cardio kickboxing training can help you exercise and stay in shape while simultaneously improving your kickboxing abilities. Experience cardio kickboxing training with help from a kickboxing expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dan Champa from Tiger King Muay Thai, and today we're going to go over cardio kickboxing exercises. Today, we are going to go over two exercises that are going to help with your technique, as well as your conditioning. This is a heavy emphasis conditioning, therefore we're going to have high repetitions. So, the first thing we're going to do, when you do conditioning exercises, you always want to have a time interval. So, for example, you could off with 30 seconds. I'm going to try to kick with my right leg as many times as I can. I'm going to try to do this nonstop, and not reset. So, every single time I kick, I'm just going to balance off each time, and keep going over and over again. So, here's an example. For, obviously, if we have five seconds, I'm just going to kick. Now, when I do this exercise, I'm going to ensure that I can do it as quick as I can, and also as clean as I can. I don't want to slack off of it and just go here and throw my leg up, and be tired with it. I want to keep a proper technique and try to get it, and this will help enhance my speed in my kicks. So, once again, you're just going to stand there. And also, you could do this on a bag. So, it's easier to do with a Thai pad holder with technique, but also you do it into a bag. But, when you're doing in a bag, you don't want to use too much power, but you want to use speed. So, for example, I'm not kicking the pad as hard as I can, I'm kicking them as quick as I can. So, in the middle. So, also, you would want to do that with your right leg, and your left. And, the repetitions usually, like I said, is going to be in time intervals. So, in one minute, I want to try to get 60 kicks. So, the next thing I'm going to go over is punches. So, another technique to help get your punching speed up, and your length of technique, is, what we call in this gym, punching out. So, what we're going to do is, I'm going to start, and just keep doing one, two over and over again, as fast as I can. One key thing I want to make sure is that my chin is down. Both hands are up, and we're going to continue to do one, two. Just like this, we're going to ensure that our chin is down, and that we're bringing our hands back to our head. We're going to do a, for example, you can do a time interval of 30 seconds, you want to try to get 30 punches or more. So, here we go, and you want to gradually get faster. Hi, I'm Dan Champa from Tiger King Muay Thai, and those were some cardio kickboxing exercises.


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