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Hitting the punch bag is something that can be more difficult than it initially appears. Hit the punch bag the proper way with help from a kickboxing expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dan Champa, from Tiger King Muay Thai, and today we're going to go over how to use a bag effectively in Muay Thai. The first thing we must remember, that the punching bag is more complex than it seems. So, when we strike the punching bag, we want to ensure what distance in range that we're striking from. So, there's three different ranges we want to remember. There's a kicking range from here where just my leg can reach. There's a punching range, which is in the middle, where I'm able to efficiently throw strikes, and there's a kneeing, clenching and elbowing range, which is right on top of the bag here, where I'll throw my elbows and my knees as well. So, we also want to ensure every time we strike the bag we still want to use technique. For example, when I throw a jab, I want to ensure when the bag moves forward I do not want to stop the bag, that is incorrect. So, when I hit a bag I want to make sure I move around the bag, move around the bag like if it were an opponent. I want to go with the bag. When the bag swings towards me, you have to simulate just like someone coming at you, aggressively so you must ensure that you block, stop them. So, if someone comes towards me, it simulates to attacking, I'm going to block, I'm going to post or I'm going to move out of the way. So, we also want to make sure when we're, especially in Muay Thai that we're mixing up our combinations. So, for example you want to work combinations such as 1, 2, right leg kick and post. So, we don't want to just concentrate on one area, jab and we also want to come in and out to use different ranges. So for example, if I throw a jab and I step forward now I'm right in the clenching range, elbow range and knee range. So, I'm going to throw a right knee, post. When I post, now I'm in the kicking range. S,o I'm able to kick and move out and start my combinations again. You want to ensure, when you use the bag, that you don't just come in and just keep throwing combinations. You want to simulate like it's just like a fight. So, I'm going to jab. I'm going to gradually pick up my pace and my strength, and also ensure that, that I have techniques. So, I move around, I can post the bag, knee, post and move out. So, I always want to make sure, yes, you're using a lot of power, and you use more technique on focus mitts, but you also want to ensure that you're using technique as well, and not just building up strength that's unguided.


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