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An important part of the sport of kickboxing is mastering proper punching techniques. Master kickboxing punching techniques with help from a kickboxing expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dan Thai from Thai King Muay Thai with Khru Rocky Browning, and today we go over basic Muay Thai punching techniques. So, the first technique we go over today, is the Jab, also identified as Number One. So, the three things you must remember when doing this, is having your shoulder pins to your side. Having your opposite shoulder tucked to your chin and your arm extended. I want to ensure always, that both my hands are up at my temples. I'm always going to step throughout my jab, extend my left hand. Protect my chin by tucking it in, into my left shoulder, and keeping my right hand pinned to my temple. So, I step, and back, I step and back. The next technique we've got to go over, is the Cross, also identified as the Number Two. So, I'll be in my fighting stance, I'm going to take a step forward with my left foot. I'm going to pivot with my right hip, and right foot, extend my right hand. Ensure, just like the jab, that my chin is tucked into my shoulder, protecting me. As well as my left hand is up, pinned to my temple, and bring it back. I'm going to step, I'm going to make sure that my left hand's up at my temple. I'm going to extend with my right hand, I'm going to ensure that I pivot my hips, and make sure, I pin my jaw into my right shoulder and back. So, and back, and back. The way I generate all the power for both of these punches, is in my hips. So, I must ensure that I step and pivot my hips. The next technique we're going to go over, is the Left Hook. Now, with the left hook, you want to remember, I'm going to be in this position. I'm going to remember, there's going to be an L, right here, and an L right here, as well. And that, I'm not bringing my, I'm not whipping my arm around. But I'm turning my body with, as one unit. So, when I throw the hook, I'm going to pivot on my front left foot. And I'm not going to go through the punch, I'm going to come right back, after I hit the target. So, I pivot and I come back, I'm also going to ensure that my right hand is pinned to my temple, protecting me. And that my left hand is even with my shoulder. So, again, and bring it right back, again, and right back. When I throw the hook, remember there are two Ls, there is an L right here and an L right here. And I'm pivoting and putting my body sideways for a split second, and pivoting back. So, I'm pivoting forward, pivoting back, I'm not going through my target. And I'm ensuring that this is a straight line, right here, flat and back. I'm not going to bend my shoulder down or up, it's straight across. So again, I'm going to pivot and back, in the same concept as you're going to create the power with your hips, pivot, back, pivot, back. And also ensure, your right hand's up and your chin is down, and back. The next technique I'm going to go over, is the Right Body Shot. So, when I throw the Right body Shot, I'm going to start my fighting stance. I'm going to dip my left shoulder forward and pivot upwards with my right hand and my right hip, like this and bring it right back. Now, what I want to ensure is, when I throw my hand, it's not going to be upwards or sideways, it's going to be right in the middle. So, the hand digs into the pad. I'm going to dip my left shoulder to my right side. I'm going to pivot inwards and lift up my left hand, same time, and back. To generate more power, we've got to do it from the right hip, and back, down and back. Also, we're going to ensure that the hand is right in the middle, it's not too much this side and not too much upwards. It's right in the middle, in a digging motion, just like a shovel, up and back. So, on the right upper cut, I'm going to dip my left shoulder down, I'm going to come all the way, straight up. I'm going to ensure that my hand is here, you're not going to put your hand here, due to injuring your two fingers at the end. This is the most commonly, when you break these fingers, this is a boxer fracture. So, we consider, I'm going to dip my shoulder, come straight up and come back to my head. I'm not going to let this, my right hand go below my waist, and over execute, because I'm unable to protect myself. So, I'm going to dip my left shoulder, come through my face and come up. Want to go with the upper cut, the same thing as the body, I'm going to pivot my shoulders down. But now, I'm going all the way through in an upward motion. So, I pivot my left shoulder down and come up with it. I'm also ensuring, I'm not going too low and exposing myself. So, I'm coming from my head and making a J-shaped motion with my punch, and back.


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