The Best Mountain Bike Tires for Cross County Racing

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If you're planning on taking your mountain bike on a cross country race, you'll want to make sure your tires are going to make it the entire trip. See the best mountain bike tires for cross country racing with help from a two-time state track champion in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Tony Zaldua from Budget Bicycles in Los Angeles, and I'm here to explain the best tires for mountain bike cross country racing. Okay, here we have two typical race cross country tires. They're both from WTB. This one is a Werewolf, and it's front specific. You can tell by the front-facing arrows, and typically when you're racing you want your profiles to be a little low because if the spikes are high, then it tends to dig into the dirt and you tend to roll slower. So, almost like a semi slick, I've noticed that mountain bike racers in the past tend to run lower profile tires, so to roll faster. So, but on the other hand if you do that they'll wear down quicker and you have to replace your tires faster. So, you have to pay attention to your tire wear and here's your, another it's called the Raptor, the Nano Raptor. It's low profile, it's not really, it doesn't stick up too well. It will bite, it will hold in the corners and it will roll fast because it's not so high of a profile on the rubber here. So, that's what you are looking for and that will make you go faster. Okay, so here's a close up view, a more close up view of the two tires. So, I was going to explain tire pressure. When you are racing, it depends on the terrain and the course. If it's more smooth, you could run a little bit higher pressure, and also, actually, well, it all depends on the rider. Some riders like to run high pressure, and then you have less traction and some racers tend to run lower pressure. If you're a light rider, definitely you would run lower pressure so you have more traction going downhill and in the corners. So, if you're a big heavy rider, definitely, you know, pump it up close to max because you don't want to damage your rim if you hit a rock or a rut. This is Tony Zaldua from Budget Bicycles in Los Angeles, and I just explained the best tires for cross country race and tire pressure recommendation.


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