Ideas for a Drastic Abdominal Workout

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Drastic abdominal workouts contain advanced exercises that provide more of a total body workout. Challenge yourself with the help of a certified personal trainer in this free video.

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Hi, this is Jason Morgan with Muscleworx Fitness in Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Today, I'm going to give you some tips for an advanced abdominal workout. One of the great things about increasing the core strength in abdominal strength is that it allows you to get into some more advanced exercises. Things that really challenge you and cause you to increase your core expenditure during the course of the exercise, as well as getting more of a total body workout in doing those advanced abdominal exercises. One of my favorites is anything that involves abdominal wheels. There are a multitude of them that you can buy at your local sporting good store. You can get them online. You can even make your own and there's some sites that will show you how to do that on the Internet with stuff that you buy at the local hardware store. Just some lawnmower wheels and carriage bolts. When you are first starting these advanced abdominal routines you may only be able to do two, three, four reps. Make sure that you are using good form. You know four good reps stepping up into something like this and then using a basic abdominal exercises to help until you can increase on the advanced exercises to the three sets of 10 say 12 reps maybe 15 reps every other day is going to be plenty to help chisel those abs. Well, the wheels are going to force you to hold your entire core structure tight. They are going to work your serratus, your obliques, the transverse abdominis. The entire girdle, central girdle of the body is going to be worked versus just doing a standard crunch or ball crunch. So, anytime that you use more muscles and you've got more neurological firing to those muscles, you are going to stimulate a greater core burn and a greater benefit too through your exercise. Those are just a couple of exercises you can do if you are an advanced abdominal trainer.


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