Yoga Poses That Relieve Headaches

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A persistent headache can be relieved through gentle stretches and relaxation. Relieve your headaches using yoga with the help of a professional yoga instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Amy Newman. Thanks for joining me. I'm going to show you some yoga poses that you can do to relieve a headache. The best one, I find, is child's pose. Sit on your legs, on your heels with your buttocks, slide your hands out, and bring your forehead to the ground. Rounding out your shoulders, relax completely, breathing deeply into your body. As you get more and more comfortable, bring your arms around on either side with your palms up, and really relax your shoulders and neck and face, breathing deeper into your body. Letting your body sort of melt onto the mat. Relaxing. Opening. Breathing. You can turn your head to the side. Breathe. And if you do turn your head to the side, you want to make sure you turn it, also, to the other side, for the equal amount of time. Breathing nice and deeply, relaxing. Another pose that you can use is corpse pose. Lay on your back, slowly rolling down, pressing your lower back muscles into the mat, open up your legs and arms, gently and comfortably away from your body with your palms up. You almost want to kind of shake it out and then relax. Deep breathe. Relax your face. Relax your mind, and breathe deep into your body. As you breathe, just let it relax and then breathe just naturally and slow. Emptying your mind. You want to hold this pose for about five minutes. Try not to think of anything. See the light, and visualize it. Just breathe and see light. Listen to your breath and let it soothe you. Relaxing with each breath. You can also roll onto your stomach, with your arms by your sides and your palms up. Just relax. Face to the side, like in child's pose, shoulders are rounded. Let your body just let go. And if you do this pose, you want to turn your face to the other side halfway through, so you get benefits of nice neck stretch on both sides. I'm Amy Newman. Thanks for joining me as I show you some yoga exercises to help with headaches.


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