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When you begin your boxing training, you must start by learning the proper stance for a left-handed or right-handed fighter, with the weak side forward, chin down and eyes focused on your opponent. Get your training off to a strong start with this free video on boxing tips.

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Hi, I'm Mickey Demos, Jr. here at Biscayne Boxing and Fitness Club in Miami. Today, we're going to talk about how to start beginning boxing training. Well, of course, the first thing you want to do is walk into a boxing gym and find a trainer. However, if you don't have one, you can do these simple movements at home. First thing you're going to do when you come into a boxing gym, you're going to learn your basic stance. The most important thing in boxing is position. The basic boxing stance is weak side forward. If I'm right handed, my left side will be forward; if I'm right handed or if I'm left-handed, my right side will be forward. I'm a righty, I'm standing with my left hand forward. The basic boxing stance is eyes on the opponent, chin down. And the reason the chin is down is so that when you punch the chin will be protected by your shoulders. Okay. The basic three punches in boxing, the basic three you'll probably learn the first day are your jab, which is no hip turn to the jab, throw it out and punch. Now, you'll know that my chin is buried between my fist and my shoulder to protect my chin. The next punch is a straight cross; it comes after the jab. You'll note my hip turning and my back flip for power. Bam. Good punching. Good. Now, you'll note that my right hip is turn into the shot; you'll note that my eyes are on my opponent and my chin is buried between my chin and my shoulder. The next basic punch is a little bit more difficult; its the left hook. It comes from this position and bam. You'll note that my chin is down, protected by my shoulder, by my fist and I'm, my eyes are still on my opponent even though I'm looking, I'm looking at over the top of my hand. You'll note in my hip is in the punch. Those are your basic three punches and this is the way it looks in real life, your basic fundamentals. Feet are underneath me, I'm moving small, small steps; my basic punches are here. Hep, hep, hah; that's your, your jab, your cross and your hook. Jab, I'm protected; cross, I'm protected; hook, I'm protected. In speed; hep, hep, hep. That's the way it looks in real life. Those are your basic movements and your basic fundamentals.


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