Abdominal Exercises for Girls

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Abdominal exercises for girls target the obliques and lower abs. Work your abs with the help of an expert personal trainer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi guys, it's Michael Hanson with Revolve Fitness Club. Today, we're going to do some ab exercises for you ladies. We know that you guys hate your love handles, so, we're going to focus on some exercises that are going to work your obliques and your lower abs and really tighten up and tone that lower body. We're going to first start by laying on our side. You want to make sure that your shoulder and elbow are right below your shoulders. Okay? So, make sure that foot is right on top of your other foot. If you need support, you can place your hand in front or you can put your hand on your side. If you, if it's too much pressure, you can always bend those knees and go off your knees. But, what we're going to do, put our hand on our side and we're going to slowly go up and rotate up. Now, when we do this, we want to make sure that our hips actually don't touch the ground. This puts the stress on our obliques and lower back. So, by doing this exercise, we're going to really tone and tighten up our obliques on the side here. So, now, we're going to do a really cool exercise where you're going to use your own body weight to put resistance on your abs. We're going to lay down. We're going to cross our left leg or right leg over that knee. By doing this, we put the stress on our hips and in our inner thighs. So, what we're going to do is just rotate into our chest and back up. When we do this, we want to make sure that our foot does not touch the ground. Rotate in, rotate up. You can decrease resistance by pushing that knee further over so you can bring your knee further into your chest. The more flexible you are, the easier this exercise is. This is really going to help build strength in your hips and in your lower abs. So, now, we're going to do one more exercise and I'm sure a lot of you have done planks. Well, we're going to do a little variation of a plank. So, we're going to lay on our stomach, just like so. Make a fist with one hand; put your other hand around, that way you have a little triangle. You're going to raise your body up and what we're going to do is slowly rock forward and back without lowering or raising our butt. When we do this, we rock our body into place; not only it's going your back, but, it's also going to really tighten up your inner and upper abs, alright. Those are the three exercises that we're going to go over for your ladies. Thanks again for joining us.


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