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Safe abdominal exercises take into account the back and neck, keeping them in a good position throughout the exercise. Exercise your abs safely with the help of an expert personal trainer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi guys, it's Michael with Revolve Fitness Club, and we're here today to show you guys how to do some safe ab exercises. When we talk about being safe, we generally mean keeping our back in a position where it's not going to hurt when we do our ab exercises. So, we're going to start and we're going to do three simple exercises today. Alright? The first one we're going to do is called 20/20s. And we're going to lay down, we're going to cross our legs at a 90 degree angle; let's cross those feet over and you put your hands behind your head. You want to make sure that those elbows stay out. So, when I go up, I'm not brining my elbows in. That way we're not injuring our neck. So, we're going to do 20, just like that; you'll cross your legs and then, do another twenty. This will work our midsection and upper abs. Now, we're going to goo two area which mostly going to focus on the mid-ab section. So, we're going to put our feet up in the air, putting your hands in front of you, we're going to do toe touches. I'll do 20 or 30 reps of this depending on how many you're trying to get done. Then, we go up, back down; up, back down. When you do this, you want to make sure that your shoulders touch the ground and then come off the ground. If your back starts hurting, you may need to bring those legs even higher up. So, the further out your legs are, the more stress it's actually going to put on your back. Alright, so we've done our toe touches; now, we're going to do one more exercise. We're going to lay down on our back. Make sure those hands are flat on the ground. We're going to keep our knees bent and we're going to just slowly rotate into our chest and rotate back out. When you come down, you want to make sure that your feet don't touch the ground. This is going to work our inner thighs, our lower abs and our mid-abs. This has been safe exercises for abdominals. Thanks for joining us.


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