How to Sequence Yoga Poses

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Performing yoga poses in a sequence creates an effective workout routine. Learn how to put poses together with the help of a professional yoga instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amy Newman. I'm a Fitness Instructor and Creator of The Perfect 10 Workout, and I'm going to show you how to sequence some Yoga poses. We're going to start off in Warrior Pose. We're going to go to one side first and then the other. Front leg bended, back foot have it in line with the heel, the arch of your foot. You want your knee about a 90 degree angle. And like a warrior and not a worrier, but a warrior, stretch your front arm out. Neck is long, shoulders in; back arm and front arm in that diagonal line. Breath deep into your pose. Slowly bring your arms out to the side so that they're either side of your body stretched straight out. Then, palms out, lift up; sink a little lower into your lunge, looking up, breath, "Hmmm". Exhale, then bring the reverse arm out in front and reverse Warrior Pose. Breath deep, "Hmmm". Then, you can bring your arm around behind your back, intertwine your fingers and stretch down into Triangle Pose. Breathing deep, both leg straight this time. Then, slowly roll up; coming through the middle, "Hmmm", come to the other side. Again, get the feet should be in positioned with the back foot sideways. The arch of that foot in line with the heel of your front foot. Go into Warrior Pose. Breath deep. Neck is long, shoulders are in, feel strong, breath deep. Arms come out to the sides, shoulders are down, arms chest-high. Then, bring your palms together and lunge even deeper into your pose; breathing deep, keeping your shoulders away from your ears. The opposite arm reach it out, other arm goes behind you. Breath. "Hmmm", "Haahh". Neck long, shoulders in. Then, bring that arm around; intertwine the fingers, straighten your legs and go down into Triangle Pose. Breathing, not holding your breath at all, "Hmmm". Slowly come up, gently release your fingers, come into the middle and stand together. And you want to do that about five times on each side. And that is how you can sequence Yoga poses. I'm Amy Newman, thanks for joining me.


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