Pregnant Pilates Exercises

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There are plenty of Pilates exercises you can do while pregnant. Learn about these modified exercises with the useful tips provided by a professional fitness trainer in this free video on pregnant Pilates exercises.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Amy Newman, fitness expert, creator of The Perfect 10 Workout, and I'm going to show you some pregnant Pilate workouts. What you want to do is first bring your legs to one side, hold on to your toes with your hand that's on the same side as the legs and reach the other arm over, inhaling and exhaling, nice and slow. Just let it flow. It's called The Mermaid, feel like a mermaid, inhaling and exhaling. Then you want to to it to the other side. What you do on one side, you want to do exactly the same on the other, breathe deep, feel your body stretch on the sides, inhale, exhale coming down. Another great one you can do is get on your hands and knees. From here, you can even get on to your elbows and we're going to work the back of the legs bringing our knee in and stretching it back, exhaling, exhale, breathe, exhale and breathe. And you don't have to bring your knee in very far and you can bring it in a little and stretch it up. You can keep it up and squeeze the hamstring and don't forget to do it on both sides. I'm Amy Newman. Thanks for joining me as I show you pregnant Pilates exercises.


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