How to Lose Weight After Lap-Band Surgery

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Losing weight after lap-band surgery means being mindful of the foods you are eating. Find out how to eat after weight loss surgery with the help of a licensed dietitian in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Lap band surgery is a form of a bariatric surgery for an ultimate weight loss goal and actually as a tool for your lifestyle in keeping that weight loss of. I'm Charlotte, a registered and licensed dietitian here in Tampa Bay, Florida and keeping that weight loss after lap band surgery is actually fairly easy if you are mindful of the foods you're eating. Now, keep in mind, the lap band itself is a tool for you to use for life. It extremely reduces the size of your stomach which ultimately reduces the size or amount of food that you're able to eat. Now, if you're fresh from surgery, you're going to go through a phase diet, starting with liquids, moving into a thicker consistency and then starting with softer foods and then keep in mind you're only going to be able to eat a couple tablespoons, about the size of your palm or less of food at a time. Be careful of those fluids as well. If you drink your fluids before your food, you might not actually be able to eat any of that food and can be missing out on some nutrients. You also are going to be taking a specialized multivitamin and mineral to make sure you're up on your nutrients and not experiencing any deficiencies because you are eating a very significantly lower amount of food. Now, also keep in mind, because it is a tool and our body is very smart, your body can change and adjust to this new lap band. So, it's important to be still mindful of accessing easy intake calories meaning your sugary beverages that have a lot of added calories and also your high fatty foods, for instance anything fried or even some of our nut products in high amounts can be added extra calories. Now, since you're taking in less food that's really where you're going to see that weight loss because our body needs energy to stay alive, for instance beat our heart, breathe from our lungs even blinking our eyes that all requires energy. So, your body is going to start taking from those extra added fat stores and that's how you're going to see that weight loss. Now, consult your physician and your personal dietitian for more information on your specific needs but that's a little bit of overall general information on how to lose weight with a lap band surgery. I'm Charlotte, and eat happy.


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