Yoga Poses for Healing the Uterus

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Certain yoga poses can help with healing the uterus after stress. Heal your own uterus through yoga poses with help from a personal training expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm CarolAnn for, and I'm going to show you yoga poses for healing the uterus. Now, the whole idea is to create blood flow, open up the hips and really rejuvenate that area. So, we are going to start off right here in a modified lotus position, and we are inhaling, and exhaling, and twist as far as you can, looking over the back shoulder. And so, we just really want to utilize that breath, so every time we exhale just turn a little bit more. And hold this pose for about five breaths. And inhale, come back to center and then exhale, twisting to the other side. Hold this side for about five breaths. And come back to center. Next, we are going to go into what we call butterfly where you place the soles of your feet together and you can gently place your hands right at your feet. And then lower your knees down to the sides. Sit up really nice and tall. Breathe down, towards the belly. And as you are breathing, you are focusing on lowering the knees down further towards the floor. Again you are continuing to open the hips drawing that energy in. Another yoga pose to heal the uterus is a seated straddle split. So here, you are going to come forward, open up the hips here. And then just gently walk your fingertips forward. And nice and gentle drop the head, pull the shoulders back. Breath into the stretch. With every exhale go a little further but don't force the stretch just allow your body to receive the gravity just lengthening your body. And hold for five breaths and gently come up out of the pose. Now, the last pose that we are going to perform you are going to come down onto your back. And you are just going to rest your head and then open up your knees to the side and just allow gravity to pull your knees down towards the floor. Now, if this is too much for you and you need a little bit of support you can always take a pillow and rest the pillow right up underneath your leg. But the whole idea is to allow gravity to open up the hips and utilize your breath. You want to be in a complete relaxed state so that you are able to receive lengthening and blow flow. And just totally rejuvenating your body. Deep breaths and you can hold this pose for five minutes, ten minutes. However long you like. And when you are finished gently bring your knees together and extend your legs out and continue to rest. When you are finished gently lift yourself up into a seated position. And those are some great yoga poses for healing the uterus. I'm CarolAnn with


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