How Yoga Helps With Alcoholism

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Yoga can help combat the effects of alcoholism if used properly. Help alcoholism with yoga with help from a personal training expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with and I'm going to show you Yoga helps alcoholism. So, first of all, let's come on down to the floor onto your back and we're going to go into a bridge pose. So, we're going to help to rejuvenate, to create more vitality right in, in the area of the spleen and also in the liver. So, we're going to start off with a bridge. Your feet are firmly planted on the floor about hip width apart and just allow your body to sink into the floor. And focus on your breath as we perform this Yoga poses. So, we inhale through the hose, "Hmmm", and as we exhale, gently tilt the pelvis and then pull up one vertebrae at a time, pressing the hips towards the ceiling. Inhale at the top, "Hmmm", and exhale in printing down. So, this is really good for the liver. And inhale at the bottom, "Hmmm", and exhale, roll up one vertebrae at a time. Inhale at the top, "Hmmm", and exhale as you're coming down and really feeling those muscles work and you're just creating great blood flow. And we're taking our mind off of what's going on outside the four walls of where we are right now. It helps us to focus and it helps to direct our attention away from addiction and towards something else. Now, another pose is a lying down twist. So, we're going to do a spinal twist and you're going to bring your knee up towards the chest and gently take the knee across the body. This is great for the spleen. So, your shoulders are down towards the mat, so you want to try to create an anchor in your shoulders. And then, you turn your head in the opposite direction of where your knees going. Continue to breath. Hold this position for about five full breaths; inhaling, exhaling completely. Once you complete five full breaths, simply come out of the pose and lower your leg down and just allow that to settle in. I call that marinating; just let that marinate. Notice the difference. Notice how you're feeling; one leg is longer than the other, you're feeling a little sensation of blood flow. Again, one more technique of how you can take your attention away from the addiction and focus it internally and how you're feeling. So, then perform it on the other leg as well. Now, meditation. When you're meditating, you can just come down into a position of corpse, just like you are on your back. Allow your feet to fall at the sides and just allow your mind to focus on your breath and focus only on your breath. So, you want to inhale completely for a count of five and slow your breath down and then, exhale for a count of five. So, meditation, slowing the breath down, just slowing yourself down overall, finding our or experiencing another technique to cope. And this will help. When you're finished with meditation, gently set yourself up. That is how Yoga can help with alcoholism. I'm CarolAnn with


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