Yoga Positions for Colitis

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A digestive system plagued by colitis can benefit from yoga positions and breathing techniques that create heat and movement within the digestive tract. Tame your colitis with the exercises demonstrated in this free video on yoga therapy.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you Yoga poses for colitis. Now, what we want to do is we want to create a lot of heat and a lot of movement and activity in our digestive tract. So, we're going to start off with fire breath and as we perform fire breath, we're going to really expand the belly, inhaling through the nose as we expand the belly and then, forcefully exhale through the nose. So, this is what fire breath looks like and we can do this for about thirty seconds and then, you're going to start to feel all kinds of energy occur in your digestive tract. So, here we go. "Hmmmm", "Hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh". And continue to perform fire breath for about thirty seconds. Now, the idea is to really push out the belly, pull in the belly as you're naturally inhaling and exhaling. And then before you know it, you're going to really feel a lot of activity moving and your digestive tract will get stimulated and that's really going to help. The next two poses, we're going to start with the plow. So, in plow, you're lying down and just settle into a nice comfortable position. Bring your arms down alongside your body and you're going to lift your hips up off the floor. And then continue with your feet over the head and then, flex your feet. Now, you have options here. You can have your feet flexed or if you have tight hamstrings, you can place the tops of your feet on the floor. So, that's an option for you. And you want to hold this plow position for about five breaths; inhaling, "Hmmm", and exhaling, really stimulating the digestive tract. And then, we're going to go right into knee to ears; so, right here and we can just gently adjust, breathing, "Hmmm", "Hhhhh"; "Hmmm", "Hhhhh", five full breaths. And then, to come out of this position, take your legs out straight; lift up one leg, then your other leg. Place your hands underneath the small of your back and gently roll down and just let that settle in. And once you generally, gen, gently let that settle in and you are done. And those are some great Yoga poses for colitis. I'm CarolAnn for


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