Yoga Poses for Scoliosis

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The spinal curvature known as scoliosis tends to cause imbalances in the back and shoulder muscles, but you can use yoga poses to manipulate your shoulders, open your chest area and lengthen your spine. Reset your muscular balance with the help of this free video on yoga therapy.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you Yoga poses for scoliosis. Now, the issue with scoliosis is that you have a severe curvature of the spine. So, you may be imbalanced in your muscles, in your back and in your shoulders. So, the first pose or exercise that we're going to do involves your shoulders and we're going to lift and lower the shoulders. So, draw attention right here to your neck and in your shoulders and you want to draw the shoulder blades back and down on either side of your spine. So, you want to lift the shoulders up towards your ears, over exaggerate, pull the shoulders back and then, lower the shoulder blades down and allow them to melt down through your back. And lift the shoulders up, make sure you're pulling the shoulders back and lower down. Now, you're breathing; inhale as you lift, exhale as you lower those shoulders down. One more. You can perform about ten reps of this shoulder lifts. Next, to balance things out in your shoulders as well, you're going to lift your arms up at 90 degrees and just gently press those elbows forward and then, press the elbows back to open up the chest. So, we have some imbalances going on from the right side to the left side. So, we want to make sure that we're lengthening one side to even that out as much as we can. And we can perform ten reps. It's just like a fly. And remember, we always inhale when we open, exhale, "Hhhhh", as we close and rest. Another pose that we can perform is a four point balance. So, we're here on our hands and knees and we have our hands directly underneath our shoulders. Think about lengthening out through the crown of the head, you're in a nice neutral spine; lengthening out through the tailbone. And we're going to lift the opposite arm and opposite leg and we're stretching from our fingertips to our toes, lengthening the spine. Now, you want to think about keeping your hips parallel to the floor. In other words, you don't want to tilt your hip out to the side. So keep your hips level. Hold this position for about five breaths and then lower down and switch. So, it's all about creating balance when you have scoliosis. We want to lengthen and balance out the body as much as we can. And you can perform about five sets on each side, five breaths holding the pose. Again, lengthen out through the crown of the head and then, we can move onto the next exercise. And we're going to perform a spinal twist. So, you gently take one arm, cross over. Place your hand on the outside of the knee. Place your other hand behind the chair and gently lift up out of your sitz bones and twist through the spine. Now, be very gentle in this twisting pose and we want to utilize that breath to continue to create heat in the body and every time we exhale, see if we can go a little further. We can go over that shoulder; inhaling five breaths, "Hmmm", "Hhhhh". And when you complete five breaths, gently return back to the center and perform the same thing on the other side. And those are some great Yoga poses for scoliosis. I'm CarolAnn with


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