How to Use Anxiety Medication

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Anxiety medication, when used properly, can help a great deal with your overall condition. Find out how to use anxiety medication with help from an expert counselor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Gordon McInnis. I work here at Carolina Beach Counseling, at Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Today, we're going to talk about how to work with various anxiety medications. Different types of medications can have different types of side effects. And some of the anxiolytics or anti-anxiety medications fall into a category called Benzodiazepine, which can have some addictive properties to them, and you, you know, you don't want to take these medications long term. They will help with anxiety, they'll help calm those panics symptoms down and they will be helpful. But, because they have addiction, addictive properties, you don't want to take them forever. So, you want to be able to learn other ways to control your anxiety, rather than the medication. A lot of times with some of these anxiety medications, I found that people take them when they start to feel these anxiety symptoms coming on. Or when they're already in the middle of an anxiety or panic attack. But sometimes, that's not the best time to take them. Because the medication then has to work uphill, because you've already started this process of the psycho going. And so, sometimes it's better to take them prior to going into a situation that may make you anxious. Like, taking it prior to going to the grocery store. That is one of the places where people have the most anxiety, is in the checkout lane at grocery stores. And if you think about it, you've got somebody in front of you, somebody behind you. A row of Snickers bars on one side and the National Enquirer on other side, and you're trapped, you're stuck. And if you look at the psychological thought process behind anxiety, a lot of it is a fear of loss of control. I'm stuck in this situation and I can't get out. What happens, if I have to go to the bathroom, what happens, if I pass out? What happens, if there's a fire, what happens, if there's an earth quake? What happens, and we just catastrophize these things out. And that our mind, what we tell ourselves in our head, continues to keep this going on and on and on. Until the point where we've just worked ourselves up into a dizzy and we can't do anything more about it. That was just some advice on some various topics related to anxiety. As always, you should go seek professional help or go see your doctor, if these things continue to bother you.


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