How to Lose Weight With Resistance Bands

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Resistance band exercises isolate muscles for focused workouts that can help with weight loss. Use the band with lunges to burn calories with tips from a certified fitness instructor in this free video on losing weight with resistance bands.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, fitness expert, and creator of the Perfect 10 Workout. And, I want to show you how you can lose weight with resistance band training. And, we're going to do some lunges first. So, you want to get one foot, and hook it onto that resistance band. Get a nice, good grip on it, and we're going to lunge forward, bending both knees. Then, we're going to step back, and lunge back. Step forward, lunge forward. Step back, same leg, lunge back. Step forward, lunge. Step back, lunge. Step forward, lunge. Step back, lunge. Step forward, step back. You want to try to keep your heel right underneath your knee, and it's a little hard, because you're balancing as well at the same time. Another good one would be to lunge forward with the resistance band. Lunge, step back, lunge again, and lift. Lunge, step forward. Lunge, step back. Lunge again, and lift the leg. Lunge, step forward. Lunge, step back. Lunge, and lift the leg. Lunge, step forward. Lunge, always keeping the knees soft, and bend. And, really not doing a big lunge, a very tiny lunge, breathing into every move you make, and keeping it flowing, getting your heart rate up. That's what's going to burn that fat. I'm Amy Newman. Thanks for joining me, as I show you how to use your resistance bands to lose weight.


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