Resistance Band Exercises for Flexibility

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Resistance bands build strength, but they can also help with flexibility. Lengthen muscles and develop flexibility with tips from a certified fitness instructor in this free video on resistance band exercises for flexibility.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, fitness expert, and creator of the Perfect 10 Workout. I'm going to show you how you can get more flexible, and get great flexibility the band. We're going to slide our foot over the band, and the band is going to be right in the arch your foot. Slowly, I'm going to roll down, stretching out the bottom leg. Lifting up the leg, and my chest, and getting a nice tension with the band. Stretch. Oh, it's a better stretch than without the band, let me tell you. Breathe deep into your stretches, and try to relax the back of your knee. Even relax the back of your ankle. You might feel some burning, that's okay. Breathe deep into that burn. Now, you can bring the band over, with the leg, to the side, crossing over your body. Bring your arm out to the opposite side, so you have a nice twist. Keep your shoulders down, and breathe deep into your body. You want to hold it for about 10 seconds, relaxing into the stretches, breathing into the stretches. Then, slowly start to lift your leg back up, switch hands on the band, and open up your hip to the other side, with your arm going to the opposite side to keep you balanced. Breathe deep, try to relax. Don't have all that energy in your face or shoulders. Release that energy, and relax your inner thigh. Breathe deep, bend the knee, and bring it back into center. And, roll on up. And then, of course, do the other leg. And, that's how you can work on flexibility with the resistance band. I'm Amy Newman, thanks for joining me.


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