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VMWs, gymnastics exercises named after the arm positions formed by the students as they lie on the mat, add critical strength and flexibility to the back muscles.View a demonstration of VMWs in this free video on exercise tips and gymnastics.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Melanie Wysong. I am the compulsory director and head coach at Black Diamond Gymnastics in South Jordan, Utah. This is Madison Hazard, and she is going to help us today on focusing on back exercises. We're going to start with one that we do on the floor. We shorten the name up and call it VMWs because of the arm positions. So, Maddie is going to lie on her stomach. She's going to put her arms up in the shape of a V with her thumbs pointed to the ceiling. She's going to keep her body on the ground and she's going to lift her hands or thumbs straight to the ceiling as high as she can. Now, if the gymnast is stronger than this, we would add some weight to that, but we want to make sure that the form is correct, and that she is lifting her arms through the shoulders as high as she can. The next form of this exercise is the M. We call it, "show me the money" because she has her hands in a "show me the money" position. So now, she's going to do the same thing and lift her arms straight to the ceiling. With your stronger gymnasts you can add weight to this and the W position is with like wings with the elbows down. We don't want the elbows out like a field goal, we want them down in a W shape and now she is again going to pinch her shoulder blades and lift together and you may add weight to this exercise. It's extremely important in gymnastics to condition the back. All too often, gymnasts are conditioned mostly in the front of their body giving them poor posture and opening the door for back injuries. I am Melanie Wysong, head coach and compulsory director at Black Diamond Gymnastics in South Jordan, Utah.


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