Benefits of Taking Vitamin C

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Taking vitamin C can prevent cardiovascular disease, foster healthy eyes and skin, and boost overall immunity. Explore the benefits and dosages of supplementing your vitamin C intake with advice from a licensed and registered dietitian and nutritionist in this free video on vitamin C.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlotte Lawson, a registered and licensed dietitian, with a little bit of information on Vitamin C and the benefits of maybe, taking a supplement. The daily recommended amount of vitamin C is really only 75 to 90 milligrams. As typically your body, only really utilizes about 80 milligrams at a time. Our bodies don't store vitamin C. So, it's very important to continually consume this particular vitamin. It is a water soluble vitamin, so you can imagine a lot of our fruits, especially, our citrus fruits. As far as an orange, for instance, has a lot of vitamin C. And more and more research is showing positive benefits, not only for immunity. Which is probably the tale-tell, tell-tale old, you know, wives tales, I guess, as far as what's associated with vitamin C. So, over all immunity, but also preventing cardiovascular disease, a lot of different prenatal disorders. Even eye health and skin health have been proven, when you supplement with vitamin C. Now, more and more, recommended amounts are almost turning to about 500 milligrams a day. And the safe upper limit or the top level, about how much we should consume, is actually up to almost 2000 micrograms. So, keep in mind, you can actually consume quite a bit of this without having any side effects. And again, like I mentioned, our bodies don't store it. So, for really in excess and not utilizes it, our will flush it out in the natural form. So, a couple information, a little bit of information of vitamin C. Keep in mind it's very, very abundant in our fruits, a lot of times our vegetables. As well as fortified and supplemented in a lot of over-the-counter vitamins and minerals, as well. I'm Charlotte, and eat happy.


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