Workout Plan for Pilates and Yoga: Reverse Warrior

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A yoga sequence consisting of Warrior Two, Reverse Warrior and Side Angle stretches the muscles in your sides as it gets your circulation pumping. Exercise like a warrior with this free video workout plan for Pilates and yoga.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle with Pilates Studio City. Today, I'm doing a workout with Pilates and yoga. I've already did the Pilates portion, now we're on to yoga. This next exercise will consist of coming into Reverse Warrior from Reverse Warrior to Side Angle. It's a little flow. It's going to get you some blood pumping, get you some nice stretching going in your side body. So first, let's stand at the top of our mat with our hands right at Namaste. Thumbs resting in your heart center, shoulders are nice and relaxed. So, let's just settle down a moment. Give me a big inhale, exhale through your nose. Relax your shoulders, let your shoulder blades come down your back. I'm going to step back into Warrior Two. My alignment should be heel to the middle part of my foot. Front leg should be parallel to the ground, letting my left femur bone descent into my left hip socket. I want to press through the outer edge of that right foot, arms are straight out, shoulders are relaxed. I'm looking over the middle, my middle finger of my front hand. From here, I'm going to come into Reverse Warrior, turning my left palm towards the ceiling I'm going to reach forward and up, slide my right hand down my right leg. Keep that left knee bent, reaching up, stretching my left side body, relax my right shoulder. Right hand is lightly on my right leg, Reverse Warrior. From here, pushing through the outer edge of my right foot, come into Side angle. This Side Angle is totally supported by my obliques. This is my Side Angle. Now I'm going to inhale back up into Reverse Warrior, exhale into Side Angle. One last time, inhale up into Reverse Warrior, exhaling back down into Side Angle. In my Side Angle, make sure your right arm is over your right ear and reach. There is a straight line from my right foot throughout my right fingertip, Side angle, slowly coming back up for Warrior Two. Take your hands at your heart's center. Let's step forward. Just give me a big inhale, exhale everything out through your nose. I'm Michelle with Pilates Studio City.


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