Workout Plan for Pilates and Yoga: Sun Salutation A

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The yoga pose called Sun Salutation A, including moves such as Cobra and Child's Pose, gives your entire body a challenging workout.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle with Pilates Studio City. Today, we're going to be doing a workout plan for Pilates and yoga. We're just finished our Pilates section, now we're on to yoga. I'm going to start with the sun salutation A, but a modified version, because I want you out there that maybe can't bend your knees and do everything that a full sun salutation A can do; I want to offer you some modification and some options. So, the first thing we'd do, we're going to come on to all fours. And from here, walk your hands forward, make your shoulder sure your shoulder are over your wrists. Fingers are spread wide. Any time our hands are on the ground in yoga, for a nice, firm foundation, we have our fingers spread wide. Belly button pulled in on in a modified push-up position. I want to slowly lower down, elbows tucked in close beside you. Belly button pulled in. Lowering your body down as one plane. Lowering all the way down to the ground. Elbows are tucked in close towards my mid line. From here, I want to inhale up into cobra. Cobra is fingers are spread wide alongside your chest, elbows tucked in close, all then toes on the mat, including your pinkie toe. Roll your shoulders back, bring your heart forward, do a mini back bend. Look down at that mat, keeping your neck nice and long. Lower back down. And from here, I want you to push with your hands. Bring your tailbone back, toward your hips, coming into child's pose. And relax. Head is on the mat. So a little faster. We come up into a modified plank, shoulders are over your wrists. Elbows tugged in tight towards your midline, belly button pulled in, lower down, all the way. Inhaling up into cobra, all ten toes pressed into the mat, elbows tucked in close beside you. Lower back down. Push your hips back to your heels coming into child's pose. One more time. Let's inhale up, lowering down. Inhale up into cobra. Roll your shoulders back, bring your heart forward, keep your neck nice and long, lower back down. Push your hips back to your heels. Coming into child's pose. And slowly roll up. I'm Michelle, and that's how you do your sun salutation A.


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