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You don't need a pool to go swimming if you know how to perform this Pilates workout for the glutes and lower back. Dive into this free video workout plan for Pilates and yoga.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle with Pilates Studio City. I'm going to be doing a workout plan today for Pilates and yoga. I'm going to come into swimming, which is the Pilates section of the workout today. I'm going to be helping to shape your tailbone, shape your glutes should I say, and also strengthen your lower back. So, I'm going to come down on my belly. Extend my arms straight out, fingertips are pointing forward, thumbs towards the ceiling and I want to relax down on my chin. I'm going to give myself a big inhale, open up wide, exhale everything out. As I exhale everything out, pull my belly button into my spine. I'm going to press my hip bones into the mat, and I'm going to lift my arms up off the ground, legs up off the ground, and I'm going to be looking at the mat, keeping my neck nice and long. From here, I'm going to raise my right arm and left leg up for one, keeping my left arm off the ground and I'm going to switch, for two, three, four. We go up to 20 and as you're alternating, looking at your glut, really working this glut, working your lower back. A modification is this. You can lower that arm and that leg down on the ground for your modification, keep looking down at the mat. You want to make sure you're not looking up, putting stress on your neck. This is your Superman, nice. After 20 we'll do 30 fast, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, give me 30. Once you're done lower down. Place your hands alongside your chest. Push your hips back to your heels. Come into Child's Pose releasing this lower back, skin of your forehead is on the mat and relax.


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