Workout Plan for Pilates and Yoga: Double Toe Taps

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Double toe taps elaborate on the Pilates technique of single toe taps to work your lower belly while flexing your hip joints. Learn from an expert in this free video workout plan for Pilates and yoga.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle with Pilates Studio City. Today, we're going to do a workout plan for Pilates and yoga. We're at the Pilates section right now, and the video before we did Single Toe Taps. Now, we're going to come into our Double Toe Taps. So, we always start with a big inhale through our nose, open up wide, exhale everything out, relax those shoulders down your back, pull your belly button in and slowly lower down one vertebra at a time, grabbing the back of your thighs, rolling down, slowly. Nice. Palms are on the ground, start by bringing your right knee up into Tabletop, left knee up into Tabletop. Always remember, Tabletop knees are over your hips, shins parallel to the ceiling. Don't bring these knees into your belly, you get a better workout with your knees right over your hips. So from here, I want you, I'll show you what not to do. Don't bend your knees bringing your knees down like this. You want to be able to work your lower belly keeping your knees at 90 degrees, move both of your legs out of your hip joint and we're going to touch down for one, two, let's inhale, exhale, inhale up, exhale down, inhale up, exhale down. Feel your lower belly working, exhaling down, nice. Give me 20 altogether. After your 20th one, bend your knees, bring your knees into your chest, grab, release this lower back by rocking back and forth, making circles on the ceiling with your knees. Take your hands behind your thighs, with one rock, we're rock and rolling up into sit. I'm Michelle Tibbs with Pilates Studio City.


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