How to Troubleshoot Car Audio Speakers

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Car audio speakers can act up for several reasons, such as bad wiring. Troubleshoot the cause of the problem with help from a professional car audio installer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Allan Roth with Cartronics Biscayne in Miami, Florida, and I'm going to show you today how to troubleshoot a car stereo speaker that's not working. So first, we're going to use a non-marring panel tool. We're also going to use wire strippers, a ratchet with a 7-millimeter socket, a tone generator and a test speaker. So, we're going to start by removing the dash tray, remove this dash face. We're going to use our ratchet and 7-millimeter socket to remove the two screws that hold the radio in the dash. We're going to take the radio out, unplug the antenna. This radio has a USB cable connected so we're going to disconnect that USB cable and then we're going to disconnect the main harness from the radio. Now, we're going to locate the speaker wire for the right front door which is the speaker that's not working and look for the gray wire and the gray with a black tracer, strip that wire off, about a half an inch on each side. Now, we're going to connect our tone generator, positive and negative. Now, we're going to turn on the tone generator and if the speaker is good and the connection between here and the door is good, we'll hear some noise. That means our speaker is good. So now, we're going to take our test speaker and we're going to connect our test speaker to the speaker wire of the radio and see if the radio makes music. We're going to strip this wire. Now, we're going to connect alligator clips from our test speaker, negative to negative, positive to positive. So now we're going to turn on the ignition and turn on the radio and see if we have sound from our test speaker and we do. So, that means the radio is good, we know that the speaker was good because we tried it with our tone generator so it must have been the connection right behind the radio. So, that is how you troubleshoot a car stereo speaker.


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