Traditional Karate Training Equipment

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Karate requires lots of equipment for safe and effective practice, including traditional shields and mitts. Learn the basics of Karate equipment from a professional martial arts instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Fred Mergan. I'm a 4th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo Karate, and I'm going to show you traditional karate training equipment. This is your basic body shield that you can use for kicking, punching, blocking. It's got the strap on the top and the bottom, on the sides and the hooves for you to put your arms in. As you put your arms and you hold on tight, your partner can kick or punch and that's what you use for traditional punching, kicking and your blocking. For more focused training, you have focus mitts or little square pads. They concentrate more on your focus targeting where you can hit smaller targets and work on your aiming. Again, on this one, you put your hand through the loops, hold on to the top loop and hold it tight. Your partner can punch, elbow, slap, heel palm, poke, claw any of those things. Moving on to your paddle pad which I refer to as a pork chop because it looks like a pork chop. You put your hand through the strap, hold on tight and your partner can throw their hook kicks, their crescent kicks, all the traditional kicks in the marital arts which are hard to do on a bag because it doesn't give you the flexibility to go through and come back. Here you have your traditional sparring equipment, karate sparring equipment. This is your foot gear, your hand gear and your helmet. I'm going to start with the helmet because this is the most important part to protect the brain and the head and the face so you don't get hit or punched in the face. You have your plastic shield that goes over your face so if you do get hit, it won't come in or hit you in the face. Take the Velcro off, slide your head in, chin first to the bottom, put it over your head, put the strap on and it will hold it nice and tight for you. Next, we have our foot gear. Our foot gear goes across our foot, put it just like a shoe. It protects your foot, it stops your partner from getting hurt and you breaking any bones in your toes or in your foot. You put your shoe on, take the strap, come over the top of the shoe, around, back to the top and around to the back, around your lap, so strap it nice and tight. Lastly, you have your glove. Hand goes in, thumb goes into the thumb holder, fingers go into the little holes to protect, make a super tight fist, hold it there. The strap goes around the top, back around to the bottom to the other side, Velcros back on. So, when you punch, you are protected. And that was some of your traditional karate training equipment.


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