Crate Training Method for Dogs

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Crate training helps to create a safe place for your dog. Train your dog to sleep in his crate using this free video presented by a professional dog trainer.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Victoria Warfel, with DreamDogz Training, located in Gainesville, Florida, here to talk about crate training techniques for dogs. You want to start with a crate that's large enough for your dog to fit in, lay down and turn around, but not too big that he gets lost in it, and not too small that he is packed in there like a sardine. You want to make the crate fun for your dog so you can feed him in there, you can put toys in there, you can put his bedding in there. Start when he's a little bit tired and he's ready to go to sleep already. You can put some toys in it, you can put some food in it and shut the door with your dog on the outside of the crate. Oh, look at this, you can't get in to it yet, oh, but it's so much fun in here, your favorite toys are in there, your sleepiest bed is in there, it's just the greatest place. Here, we'll open up the crate a little bit. Do you want in? Your dog is probably going to be all excited and run for going into the crate. When he's in there, don't shut the door right away. You want to do it at least two or three days before you even shut the door on him. You want him to go into the crate comfortably and to turn around and to enjoy being in the crate first before you shut him in. Then you don't want to let him out if he's whining, barking, pawing. You want to ignore him, wait for him to be quiet and then when he comes out it's not a celebration of him coming out of the crate, the celebration is being in the crate. And you also don't want to crate him and leave all the time, crate him and stay at the house sometimes so he doesn't know that whenever I get crated, you leave me.


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