What Equipment Is Required in Lacrosse?

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Lacrosse is a game that requires each player to wear a few different pieces of equipment. Find out what equipment is required in lacrosse with help from a lacrosse expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is John Galipault from Worthington, Ohio Lacrosse, talking to you about equipment needed to play lacrosse. The helmet protects the head and the face with a face mask, a chin guard, a protective dome and a chin strap to help secure the helmet to that player's head. For a goalie, they must have a throw protector. The throw protector is attached to the bottom of the helmet and hangs just below and this helps protect the throat from shots. Another important piece of equipment is to protect your arms and your elbows. These are arm pads. There is a left and a right and they are typically fastened to the arm with Velcro. The arm simply slides through the opening of the arm pad and this is required equipment for everyone on the field. Another piece of equipment which is necessary for all players are gloves. Gloves help protect the wrists, the hands and the fingers. Special goalie gloves have extra protection at the thumb. There are two types of shoulder pads. The first type looks more like a football pad, but much smaller. It doesn't protect the sides of the arm but protects the collar bone and the sternum. The other shoulder pad is exactly the same but adds more protection on the shoulder and down to the arm that connects to the arm pad. For a goalie, goalies must have a chest protector. The required equipment for a goalie is a chest protector, gloves, helmet and a chin guard. The chest protector simply is placed over the neck and protects the front of the chest usually with a hard plate at the sternum and where the heart is located. This has been John Galipault from Worthington, Ohio, and that is the equipment required in Lacrosse.


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