Aerobic Steps With Dumbbells

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Combined with dumbbells, your aerobic step program builds resistance, as well as weight loss. Practice using dumbbells in your steps with help from an ISSA-certified personal trainer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Brandon Snider. I'm here at The Downtown Athletic Club in Little Rock, Arkansas, and today I'm going to be doing a step exercise using dumbbells. So first, we're just going to simply get acquainted with the step. You're going to exhale, come up and inhale down. You can alternate the legs, exhale up, inhale down. You want to make sure that you actively press into that step and don't just mindlessly do the exercise. You also want to press and lift through the crown of your head straight up, so kind of think like a tree here, root yourself and grow. Alright, now you can add the dumbbells by simply doing a curl and a knee up, curl and a knee up, and if that's too hard, just simply do a curl. Alright, you can keep alternating the feet. If you want to make it tougher and really burn muscle, you can do just one side over and over. If it's hard to keep your balance, you can simply step off. Keep that leg up there, continually working it and if you feel like you have that balance, come on down. You can also add a press to this and just keep exhaling up, inhale down, up. If you really want to challenge yourself and you feel confident in your balance, you can simply add a high knee to that, just always exhale up and inhale down. Combining a step with your dumbbell workout is a great exercise routine that you can do that strengthens and tones the entire body and you just remember, the higher the step is, the more muscle that you're going to burn.


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