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Bench dumbbell exercises are among the typical weights you can lift in a gym, so long as you understand how to use them. Get the basics on bench exercises with help from an ISSA-certified personal trainer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Brandon Snider. I'm here at The Downtown Athletic Club in Little Rock, Arkansas, and today, I'm going to be doing a bench and a body press by simply using dumbbells. For women, you want to start off with either five to ten pounds and for men, either 15 to 20 pounds will work starting out. So, what you want to do is go ahead and lie down on the bench, you want to exhale through your stomach as you come down and rest your head and if you're at home and you don't have a bench you can simply lie on the floor, you'll still get a great workout. You want to make sure that your feet are at a right angle. You don't want the feet out this way and not out this way or back. You want them at a right angle. So, I'm going to start out with the bench press. I'm going to simply bring the dumbbells hovering over my chest, my wrists are facing away from me or facing towards my feet. I'm going to inhale through my chest, bring my elbows out to the side and bringing my upper arm parallel with the floor. You don't want to go very much further back. That can lead to injury. So, I'm going to exhale, press up through my core, weights are hovering over my chest, inhale down, expand the rib cage, exhale press up and the whole time you can't tell but my shoulder blades are drawn down and back together. I'm not really reaching out or anything like that. So, pinch the shoulder blades together through the entire exercise even when you come down and even when you go up. It's as if you are squeezing like a ping pong ball between your shoulder blades, inhale down and exhale up. That's the shoulder press. I'm going to show you the body press next and that's by simply rotating those dumbbells to where your wrists are facing each other and bringing the elbows into the side of your body, exhale up, inhale down and exhale up, inhale through the ribs, exhale press through your core. You can alternate, exhale roll up using my stomach. That's a great exercise to train your chest and your front shoulder.


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