How to Detect an Unborn Baby's Heartbeat

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Detecting your unborn baby's heartbeat is one of the quickest ways to measure its health status. Learn what it takes to hear your fetus's heartbeat with a practicing doctor and obstetrician in this free video.

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Hi there, this is Dr. Heather Harrison. I'm a family physician at The Central Utah Clinic in Provo, and today we're talking about how to detect your unborn baby's heartbeat. So, the best way to probably detect your unborn baby's heart rate, heartbeat is by going to your regular physician visits. Usually starting at your first visit, we always try to listen to your baby's heart rate. Usually by 12 weeks, 10 to 12 weeks along, we should be able to hear your baby's heart rate with the little Doppler machines that we use in our office. Often, if we are not able to hear the heartbeat by 12 weeks along, we will do an ultrasound to confirm that we have a baby that is as far along as we anticipate, that is growing as we anticipate and has a good beating heart rate there. That way happens to be able to determine, again, the heart rate if we can't get it with a Doppler machine. Usually, every visit, again, like as mentioned, we check the heart rate every time with the little Doppler. If there is ever concerns, again, we will proceed with an ultrasound. You can always, you know, a lot of times I have patients ask me if they should buy one of the little listening machines at, you know, Target or Toys 'R Us or Babies 'R Us, or any of those places. I find that sometimes they work, sometimes they don't work as well as you want them to. I always tell patients they're always welcome to come in and listen to the baby's heart rate if there is any concerns or questions. You're more than welcome to buy one of those machines, probably buying a $5 machine is not going to give you the best results in regards to listening to your baby's heart rate. Usually again, you should be able to hear your baby's heart rate between 10 and 12 weeks with the Doppler machine, and by ultrasound, you should be able to see that heartbeat between six and seven weeks along. And then, with each of your regular prenatal visits, you should be listening to your baby's heart rate. This is Dr. Heather Harrison talking about how to hear your unborn baby's heart rate.


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