Easy Packing Tips for Long Trips

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Nobody likes packing for long trips, but a few easy tips such as minimizing your wardrobe choices and rolling items up for easier storage can help. Make that long trip more enjoyable with this free video of advice from a travel expert.

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Video Transcript

Hey! How you all doing? My name is Matthew, and I have over 22 years in the travel industry. I'm here to talk to you about easy packing tips for a long trip. Okay, you're going on that long trip that you've been waiting for, but now you've got to do the dreadful packing. So I'm going to give you some tips to make it a little easier for you when you're getting ready for your long trip. So, first off: minimize your suitcases and minimize your wardrobe. Put all your clothes out, and immediately cut it half. Put half of them away and look at the other half. Make sure your clothes are interchangeable. For example, men - black dress shirt - this is essential, because it will go with dress slacks as well... you get another outfit if you pair it up with just some blue jeans. So you got a dressy outfit with the slacks and you got a casual outfit. Ladies: bring the casual outfit of pants and a nice top, and then bring a dress, too. And gentleman and ladies: take your outfits, fold them in half, and start rolling them from top to bottom as tight as you can, like you're ringing it out if it was wet, because it's ready to go in your suitcase and it won't get any wrinkles. Ladies you can do that with your dresses as well, and also with your jeans and your casual clothes. Rolling is great, it gives you more room in your suitcase. Don't forget; that's going to help you out a lot. Shorts - men and women, bring a pair of walking shorts. You'll use these if you're in a hotel, you're in a cruise... wherever you may be, once again roll it up and you're ready to go. Then, toiletries... take your toiletries and put them in a plastic bag with a closure, because in case anything spills in your suitcase with your toiletries, it goes right in the bag. It doesn't mess anything up. Rinse it underwater, you're ready to go. Shoes - we all have a lot of shoes. And I'm talking to the men. No, I'm talking to the ladies. I'm talking to both of you. What do you do? Bring a pair of dress shoes that will go with all your outfits and also bring a pair of comfortable walking athletic trainer-type shoes, because in case you've got a lot of walking to do wherever you're going, you're ready to go with whatever outfit you decide to choose. And last but not least, when you're all done packing, you're going to take one dryer sheet--in fact you can take a couple if you'd like, in fact I kind of take the whole box. I put this in my suitcase and everything I just packed is fresh and it makes my trip ready to go. So, those were tips for you for a long trip. I hope it helps out. Thanks for watching! See you later. Bye.


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