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High fashion makeup is designed for big events to give a more illustrious look. Apply your own high fashion makeup with help from a makeup expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Danielle Cavalear, professional makeup expert, and today I'm going to show you how to apply high fashion makeup. Now basically, what this means is we're going to pretend we're going to be on the red carpet, maybe a big event a big party, but basically everything is going to be a little more dramatic than your regular day at the office. So, we're going to start out with our basic foundation under the eye which you're going to want to blend that in with your fingertips and then we're going to want to apply the foundation all over the face. Give yourself a nice clean palette to work with. You're going to want to use a little more than usual just because you're going to a big event, everything has got to be perfect. So, you want to make sure you cover every area possible and give yourself a nice flat base to work with. Next, I'm going to add a loose powder just to set our foundation and I prefer to use these big brushes. They really work well when applying loose powder. It doesn't clog it up in any areas. It really spreads it out nicely, and actually you want to extend it down the neck because you never want to have that line, that makeup line along your chin. So, it's okay to extend your powder down the next and next I'm going to want to add a blush, Estee Lauder, has a great blush here. It is called Desert Raspberry, and it's a good color for our model since she is a brunette. You want to apply the blush to the apples of the cheeks in a circular motion, a little more than usual because you are going to a very nice event so everything has to be a little more dramatic. Now, for the eyes, we're going to go a little crazy and add some turquoise. We're going to do the turquoise on the bottom of the eyelid. You never really want to put it on the top. It's just a little too much but it is nice on the bottom so when your eyes are open you just get a hint, a hint of that blue. It just pops. Make sure you do the same thing to both eyelids, blend it very well so it's not thicker or darker in any area. And now since we're done our dramatic color on the bottom, I'm going to go ahead and use a lighter shade on the top. I'm actually going to use this beautiful pink in the center just to add a little bit of extra enhancement to the eye. It's a beautiful shimmery pink. Start at the inner corner, work your way all the way to the end. Now, for the top of the eye, you're going to want to be simple. We're going to stick with white. This is going to help open the eye and show off the colors underneath it. Now depending on the color of your outfit, of course, you're going to want to kind of match it up with your colors of makeup, beautiful. Now because this is a high fashion event, we're going to go ahead and add the eyeliner to the bottom of the eye. If you could look up for me, we're going to start at the corner, gentle, gentle strokes to the center of the eye. This makes it more dramatic for a special event. This is definitely a good look to add the eyeliner to the bottom. I prefer to use a brush. It's just more gentle. Sometimes, the crayons tend to get a little harsh around the eyes, beautiful. And to top this off, we're going to add some mascara and a beautiful lipstick. We'll get to that in a minute. Now, for this particular occasion, you can always do two coats of mascara. It's more dramatic and it's okay to do for bit events, look up. Normally, not so much. You normally want the natural look, you just do one coat but for the high fashion look, everything can be overly done. And I have chosen a light pink lip color and this is going to finish off our look. You don't want to go too dark with the lips because we've already gone dark with the eyes. So, we're just going to do a simple pink and you can add a gloss to this for a super shine. Okay, go ahead and smudge and there you go, that is how to do makeup for high fashion. I'm Danielle Cavalear, professional makeup expert.


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