How to Apply Elvira Eye Makeup

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Elvira eye makeup features a classic glamorous, smoky eye and a bold red lip. Dress up as Elvira, a classic horror icon, with a demonstration from a professional special effects makeup artist in this free video on Halloween costumes.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Juan Pantoja, I'm a professional makeup artist in the central Florida area. And today, we're going to be talking about how to apply Elvira's eye makeup. Which is pretty much a classic, a little glamor, smoky eye with a really sharp eyeliner. This is kind of, the look that we're going for, we're going to replicate this on the same side. We're going to start with a nice, pale base color on the eyelid. To make the eyes open a lot more, close your eyes. Sweep, pat that color down, nice, intense, real pale beige color as a base. I'm going to start adding some purples into it. I'm going to switch from a packing brush to a blending brush. That way, I'm building up the makeup and blending in, at the same time. So, I don't have to put color down and then start to blend and waste a lot of time blending. This way, you're blending as you're applying it, so you use less time to do your makeup. We're going to concentrate on having this corner here, very sharp, because that's the trade mark. Very sharp kind of, cut eye look in a nice, glamor smoky eye. Now, we're going to keep going darker with the makeup. I'm going to go with a nice, dark, not completely black, it's more like an ashy black. This brush has a softer texture, which makes it easier to blend. I'm going to keep this going the long side, starting along side the line, then blending it up. I'm going to add a nice, bright highlighter. And what you can use, like a frosty white, something very bright. Now, let's start working with that liner. I'm going to use a gel liner, which is going to give me more control of everything that I'm doing. And using an angled brush, will give you that precision, to create a very nice sharp, black liner. Close, I'm going to start from the outside corner here, placing the brush down and then, you drag to the inside. I don't want to disturb the liner, you don't want to wear on the water line. What I'm going to do on the water line, the inside of the eye. I'm just going to use white, to make it stand out more, to make that eye come out. Make sure, the white pencil you want to use, is safe to use on the water line. I'm getting a nice, glamor, light color, eyelid color. A glamor smoky eye, the thing, you put the dark color on the crease, kind of like a V-shape, and that sharp liquid liner look. If you wish, you can combine the liquid liner too, put the gel on the brush, will give you a little bit more control. And then, having, look straight up, having that white to open up the eyes more. And a lot of mascara to bring those lashes out and cream it with nice, feathering out, big almond shape eyes. So, that's you create that Elvira look for your Halloween costume. My name is Juan Pantoja, professional makeup artist from the central Florida area.


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