How to Tune a Paintball Gun

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To tune a paintball gun, use a paintball gun, paintballs loaded in the hopper, air tank, goggles and a chronograph machine to measure the speed of the paintball gun. Shoot through the chronograph machine to determine the speed of the ball making sure it is between 275 and 280 feet per second as demonstrated by a paintball player in this free video on paintball.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm David Atkins with the 42nd Legion Scenario Paintball Team, out of Roanoke, Virginia. And today, we're going to go over how to tune a paintball gun. Now, the materials you'll need, is of course, your paintball gun, paintballs, already in the hopper and your air tank, which is already connected. Now, before you start shooting, you'll also need to get your goggles and have a chronograph ready, to measure the speed of your paintball gun. Alright, the reason why you'd want to tune a paintball gun, is for safety and also for accuracy. Most importantly, the guns have to be in a safe range between about 275 to 280 feet per second. And that's because you want, you don't want to exceed the speed, it will break your paintball lenses. Alright, the way to test the speed of your paintball gun, is by using a chronograph, I'm using a shooting chrony. And it does is, it measures the speed of the ball, as it goes through either end of the chronograph. And here's the display, it's read in feet per second. So, you want to follow your owner's manual. Now, for this specific gun, the Tippmann 98, the velocity screw is located right here. You can use a hex key, and you would need the three quarter inch hex. And adjust it, until your gun gets the correct velocity. And that should be in the 275 to 800, 275 to 280 feet per second, range. Adjust it, right, takes it in and left, takes it out. Otherwise, going in will decrease your velocity and going out will increase your velocity. Also, you want to make sure that you don't take the screw out, too far. Otherwise, the gun will not operate correctly. Now, before you do any kind of tuning with your paintball gun, you want to make sure you have your proper safety gear, including your goggles. We'll go ahead and put our goggles on and get ready to tune the gun. Take the barrel cover off, the gun is gassed up. Safety was on, go ahead and take your safety off and shoot through the chrono. You want to hold the gun, kind of straight, so it falls through the chronograph. Now, the gun is shooting kind of, high. Again, the range that you want to get is between 275 and 280 feet per second. So now, we need to go ahead and tune the gun down, a little bit. Alright, now we need to go ahead and turn it in, a little bit. So we want to decrease the velocity, alright. Do just about a quarter turn and we'll shoot it again. As you can see, the gun, it's getting closer but it's still shooting a little bit high. We'll turn the velocity down a little bit more. And it's going too high. O.k., that's obviously going in the wrong direction, so we'll need to back it out, just a little bit. We're trying to stay within the correct range, 275 to 280 feet per second. O.k., taking down some more. O.k., we'll just give the chronograph a moment and we'll let it reset, fire another shot through. O.k., and now, you can see that we've got it in an acceptable range. And now, you just put your safety gear back on, put your barrel cover on, put the safety on the gun. And now, you're clear to take off your mask. Here we go, and I'm Dave and that's how you tune a paintball gun.


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