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The secret to a creating successful flyer design is paying attention to the margins and layout. Practice the basics of flyer design with help from a professional graphic designer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

My name is Karl Deutsch. I'm a Graphic Designer, and this segment is on how to create a flyer. So, in, in design, I'm just going to hit command N for a document and I'm going to bring my margins down into, let's just do a quarter inch. I'm not going to do any bleeds on this 'cause it's going to be sort of a, a lower budget flyer I guess. Bleeds cost a little bit more. So, there's your 81/2 X 11 document. So, for a one up flyer, all you really need to consider is keep in mind is margins. If you go outside those margins, there's a chance that that may get cut off when you're printing. Also, if there's going to be photocopying a lot of this, you kind of want that sort of a little bit of a, a margin just in case your paper shifts a little bit on the, on the screen where you're making photocopies. So, definitely keep that in mind when designing a flyer. If it's something you want to have with the bleed and you need to send it to a printer to have them trim off the bleed, you would go up here to your document setup, I mean your file menu. Click on more options and that's where you setup your bleed. So, you generally want to do at least an eighth of an inch bleed; so, .125 inches on all four sides. So, that's how you setup the bleed. So now, to show you how to do four-up on a sheet, let's say, let's say if you have 8 1/2 X 11, the 11 inches is the tall dimension. You click in your ruler here, you click and drag and you'll drag out guides. And as you're dragging guides, you'll see in the upper left hand corner of your screen the X and Y coordinates. You take this be half of 11 which will be 5 1/2, so, you kind of get it close, you have the guides selected and you can punch in 5 1/2 inches. So, that's exactly the vertical center of your page. The same thing here, but, instead of it 5 1/2, you do 4 and a quarter. So now, you have your page cut up into four equal segments and within this, you have at least that much space to work with. But now, keep in mind, if you run this right up to the edge, these are going to bat up against each other. So, copy that; you see how they ride up against each other. So, you want to give yourself a little bit of space. So, I would back this off a little bit and start designing just one. Get this space designed and get the flyer exactly how you want it and then, select all the elements, hold down your option key and drag and it copies it over there or you can do the copy paste which is command C, command V on the map. Or, edit, copy, oops, put that back and then, edit, paste. So now, you have four documents on one sheet. This is a great time saving, way to save time and money if you're printing just several thousand of these or several thousand. It's up to you. My name is Karl Deutsch. I'm a Graphic Designer and that segment was on how to create a good flyer.


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